FERT Travellingis our job

FERT Travellingis our job

FERT Travellingis our job

FERT Travelling is our job

BRESCIA  +39 030.2687011MILAN  +39 02.9330081

BRESCIA  +39 030.2687011MILAN  +39 02.9330081


Trailers, megatrailers, low-slungs, cambereds, engine and trailer, road/rail combined

FTL : fully loaded trucks from and to any european country
LTL : trucks groupages with multiweekly arrivals and departures from and to main industrial european regions.

Express services with satellite localization of goods.


By means of its consolidate global network of agents, our society can take care of goods dispatch as far as the final consignee’s warehouse, including possible clearing through customs in case of DDP return.


IATA and FIATA agents, daily links with main airports

Customized charter solutions


Conventional and groupage dispatches


As customs declarants, we can help you accomplish all the operations which are necessary in submitting documents and applying for authorizations, both by telematic and paper means.

Final and/or temporary import and export
Intrastat proceedings
Community transits with guarantee issuing
Ordinary proceedings in authorized places

OTHER SERVICES: requests for certificates of incorporation and consular visas, import licenses, reinsurances, intra-community registrations for conveyances and/or purchases, I.T.V. and I.V.O. (customs goods classifications) requests with Customs Agency


Already active in the exhibitions’ world, FERT enhances its range of services offering also a logistics and handling service.

Our expert and competent staff provides maximum support in all circumstances and it’s disposable twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, offering even customized solutions based on each exhibitor’s needs and being able to transport from the smallest box to exceptional transports.

Collection and redelivery of show materials and final redelivery at exhibition end.

Stockpiling of full and empty packages
Packaging materials supply
Exhibition to exhibition dispatch
Extension dispatches from the exhibition to the whole world
All-risks insurance coverage, covering also lying goods
Customs operations

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